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What is the address certificate and how to handle it?

In 2008, the Hong Kong Transport Department stipulated that the applicant's valid "address certificate" should be provided to apply for Hong Kong's official driving license without test. The address may not be Hong Kong's or mainland China's. The applicant may provide any one of his / her bank credit card notice, mobile phone or telephone bill, water, electricity and gas policy, insurance policy, University notice, etc., which contains the name and address information of the applicant and has been issued within the last three months. If the applicant is unable to provide himself / herself, he / she may also be assisted by the company, but a small amount of additional fees will be charged.


Address certification:

1. The applicant's valid address Certificate (not company address) in the current residence. The applicant can provide the original of any bill such as his bank bill, credit card bill, mobile phone bill or water, gas and electricity bill (not limited to). The bill shall include the information showing the applicant's name and current address, and the validity period shall be any one month in the past three months.

2. If you live in a villa, you are required to produce a copy of the property ownership certificate according to the Hong Kong government to prove that the applicant owns a single villa. In this case, you need to provide a copy of the property ownership certificate for review.

Tips: about residence address: it is suggested that the address you provide include room * * of building * * of unit * * of * * community * * of * * city * * province * * so as to pass the examination smoothly.

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