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Where can I use my Hong Kong driver's license?

Where can I use my Hong Kong drivers license?(图1)

Hong Kong driver's license can be used not only in Hong Kong and Macao, but also in 53 Commonwealth countries. You can also obtain a Commonwealth national driver's license through Hong Kong driver's license exemption. Let's see which countries and regions recognize the legality of Hong Kong's driver's license and allow you to go on the road with a license:

The scope of use of Hong Kong driver's license is as follows:

1. Antigua and Barbuda. 2. Commonwealth of Australia. 3. Bahamas. 4. People's Republic of Bangladesh. 5. Barbados. 6. Belize. 7. The Republic of Botswana. 8. Brunei Darussalam. 9. The Republic of Cameroon. 10. Canada. 11. The Republic of Cyprus. 12. Dominica. 13. Republic of Fiji Islands. 14. The Republic of the Gambia. 15. The Republic of Ghana. 16. Grenada. 17. Cooperative Republic of Guyana. 18. The Republic of India. 19. The Republic of Jamaica. 20. The Republic of Kenya. 21. The Republic of Kiribati. 22. Kingdom of Lesotho. 23. The Republic of Malawi. 24. Malaysia. 25. The Republic of Maldives. 26. The Republic of Malta. 27. Republic of Mauritius. 28. The Republic of Mozambique. 29. The Republic of Namibia. 30. The Republic of Nauru. 31. New Zealand. 32. Federal Republic of Nigeria. 33. Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 34. Independent state of Papua New Guinea. 35. Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. 36. Saint Lucia. 37. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 38. Independent state of Samoa. The Republic of Seychelles. 40. The Republic of Sierra Leone. 41. The Republic of Singapore. 42. Solomon Islands. 43. Republic of South Africa. 44. Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. 45. Kingdom of Swaziland. 46. United Republic of Tanzania. 47. Kingdom of Tonga. 48. Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 49. Tuvalu. 50. The Republic of Uganda. 51. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 52. The Republic of Vanuatu. 53. The Republic of Zambia.

In addition to the recognition of Hong Kong driver's license by Commonwealth countries, more and more European and American countries have gradually recognized the legality of Hong Kong driver's license. For example, France, Switzerland, Italy, the United States, Spain and other countries allow the use of Hong Kong driver's license to replace their own driver's license, and some countries can directly use Hong Kong driver's license to drive.

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